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shirts/blouses, jackets and cardigans! for sale!
take these eyes i'd rather be blind!
ecstasydoll wrote in mamakikichans

Offbrand white short sleeved shirt.
Size:Large in american girls.
I bought this from another Egl saler and to my dismay it is to small so it has never been worn!(by me)I will wash it before I send it though for the fact my cat slept on it last night when I was going though items to sell!

Offbrand 3/4 sleeve blouse
Size: Xlarge in american womens
My friend bought this for her halloween costume but never wore it and gave it to me to sale as a pay back thing. It is cute for Pirate Loli which is why she bought it, I will also wash this one as my cat slept on it also....they like white clothing!

Black Long sleeve see through
size US 12
It is new with no tags never been woren!

Black Wool sweater
Size US 4
Never worn by me, got at a thrif store thinking I would wear it and never did!(spots from camera!)

Grey Cardigan with flowers
Size US 5
Very cute with alittle wear, never by me.

Black net shirt with flower netting
Size Us 11/13
Worn by me four or five times when I was full out punk/goth.

White short sleeved blouse
Size US 5  
Worn two times by me never for long periods.

Long sleeved Jacket/shirt
US 7
Lenght 79
Worn by me once and not to long, I am not much for the purate look!

Black heart Jacket
US 11
worn acouple of times by me and washed like new, just need it to go to a good home please. great for not so cold days like windy ones!

Pink Plaid Vest
US 7 adjusiable back
Never worn by me bought at a thrift store.




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