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OffBrand Jsk's and OP for sale!
take these eyes i'd rather be blind!
ecstasydoll wrote in mamakikichans

Offbrand Black with White polka dots JSK
Size:US 4 lenght is 63 and width is 70 cm
Worn about three time and is very comfortable has adjustable shoulder straps,


Gothic black JSk with off-white bows
size US junior 11    lenght is 92 cm to bottom of longest point and width is 80 cm
this is a cute JSK and has been worn once to a photshoot, and not before or since. It has alittle damage to one bow but all other bows can be cut to same lenght.

Black Button bottom JSk
Size US 5 lenght is 68 cm and width is 75 cm
(The white is from the camera!) I love this and got it from an aunt but have never wore it.

Black JSk
Us size 5     lenght is 82 cm and width is 75 cm
Has a velvety design on the top and bottom.

Blue Flower Silky Dress
Us size 7-8  lenght is 83 cm and width is 78 cm
Never been worn by me got for an aunt, pretty silky flower design on it!


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(Deleted comment)
Well if you have anything for bjd heads or full naked bodys with heads I want to start in on those but don't have money to spend, but want to start!

it would depend on the size head.

pullip nomado type 2 - $8 pale - body is shiny, joints are tight, hip joint slightly floppy, couple stain dots on torso

27cm Obitsu Soft Bust body in Flesh
larger neck knob so it will fit Blythe
next size down as well

I am thinking of these! tjis will be my first one!any suggests?

so are you looking for items for a pullip doll? i have wigs, clothing, shoes...and a pullip doll for sale.
also have some bodies. they're in the doll section of ym journal but I'm also updating tonight with more items.

I am looking to start out with pullip, and have no clue where to start! hey would you pm me tips? and I want to buy sections of the doll, like head,body and start from the begining make her my own!

M1. 27 cm fleshtone bodies, FOR TRADE ONLY

I will trade the dress for both bodies....

and would this head fit?

yep, a nomado head would fit but it's a different skin tone.

would you trade bodies for the dress?

and in those heads what skin type would work?

thAnk you that did help! I was looking for something like that! So trade?

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