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Lolita Items!
take these eyes i'd rather be blind!
ecstasydoll wrote in mamakikichans

Black button JSK
us 5
68 lenght 75 width (all the way around)
 (white is from the camera!)


black gothic JSK
US 16 junior (can fit up to a us 8!)
92 cm lenght at longest point and 80 cm width all the way around
Alittle damage one bow ribbon was torn off easy fix, can cut all to same lenght. The dress cost alittle over $55 new.

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Red and white checker cami with shirred back
US 4-6
Bust 32-36

^ How much is this shipped to Canada? ^^

shipping to canada is $3
so total would be $8...

Great :3
You accept Paypal right? xD
If so, I'd like to confirm for it ~

paypal is great! and where would you like me to invoice?
Thank you ^-^!

Payment sent :D
Hope you got it ~

received will ship tomorrow!

Great! Thank you so much!
I'll let you know when I get it :D

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